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Last updated on Dec 05, 2023

Once you've launched your PAYGO workspace and created sites under your account, you can start monitoring and managing them in the Sites section on your Admin Panel. To access the tab, hover over the Profile icon in the upper right and move to Admin Panel.

Hit Sites on the left and you will get a view with a complete list of all the websites created on your workspace along with the corresponding information. On the right, you'll find the Actions Panel, where you can track and manage the websites as a business owner.

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Make use of the Search bar or Filter the websites by site package to easily find the websites.

Click the 'View' icon to get more detailed information on a website. To edit the website's info hit the β€˜Edit’ button at the top right corner or button from the Actions Panel.

The owner of the PAYGO workspace can view or change the following information:\ ​

  • Sitename field shows the website's subdomain.

  • You can change the site status to Active, Trial or Pending. Pending means, the site has been generated, but the subscription hasn't been paid for.

  • If the Expired checkbox is marked, the website's public mode view will not be available.

  • Website will have a brand watermark if the Show product Badge box is checked.

  • Allow prohibited elements checkbox enables elements like Forms, Subscriptions, Custom HTML and the Code Injection on users websites. In case it is unchecked, these Elements will be available only through users' custom domains.

  • If the debug mode is enabled, in case of an error the end-user will get an error message with code. While when disabled, the end-user will get 'Oops, something went wrong' message.

*Please note, that Package and Template fields are not available under your current subscription plan. To enable the features of creating custom subscription packages and plans or saving current websites into templates for you and your clients to choose from, you'll need to upgrade to White Label Solution.

Once you've updated the site information, save the changes to proceed.

To Delete the website, choose the 'Trash' icon from the Actions Panel. This will take the website down and it will be automatically removed from the database.