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Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

PayGo partners have an opportunity to run a domain reseller program based on the integration with Namecheap. This means you can market domains on your platform through the inbuilt Domain App on client websites. The purchased domains are being automatically pointed to partner domain IP and connected to end users’ subdomains.

To enable the integration, you need to sign up to Namecheap and fill in the Namecheap Username and API Key in the General Settings.

Your platform already has pre-installed Domain Plans, which you can import by clicking a corresponding button in the Plans section and edit the prices accordingly.

Once everything is set, your users will be able to purchase domains through your website, using the Domain App on the Dashboard.

\ ​Domains section

When creating a website, the users are provided with a free http://sitename.yourdomain.com subdomain to access it, and with a http://sitename.yourdomain.com/ to edit it.

The Domain App also allows your clients to connect their existing domains.

Connected and purchased domains automatically appear on the Domains tab under the Resources, along with the related information.

When on the Domain Details screen, you will see the following information regarding the viewed domain:

You will see 2 actions available under the Select Action dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Export will provide you with a downloadable CSV file with all the domains and their information.

Disconnect action will unlink the domain from the site. The domain will stay in the Platform’s database, but won’t redirect to the current website.

\ Click the Edit button to change any of the domain settings set by the user from the Domain App on their Dashboard.

Update Domain screen

The system detects automatically whether it is a domain or subdomain, but you can always edit the current checkbox, in case it is set to the opposite.

SSL via Cloudflare and redirect to www checkboxes mirror domain settings set by the user from the Domain App.

Connected checkbox will be ticked automatically once the DNS propagation takes effect and a domain is fully connected to a website. This checkbox is editable for the cases when the domain has been manually disconnected from the Domain Details screen.