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Last updated on May 07, 2024

You can create discounts on your online store to encourage your customers to buy more items by making products more affordable. It can be a standalone promotion or part of a larger marketing campaign, such as a seasonal sale, Black Friday, or a clearance event. These limited-time promotions aim to boost sales, clear inventory and attract your customers during peak shopping periods.

You can offer percentage-based discounts (such as 10%, 20%, off the regular price of a product) or fix a certain amount to be reduced from the product price. Once you create a discount, it appears on the Discounts page, where you can view and manage your discounts. Customers can apply the discounts automatically or enter a coupon code during checkout.

Here you can:

  • create a new discount based on its type;
  • search for corresponding discounts;
  • sort the discounts by their statuses and types.

Tip: To delete or edit discounts, select the discount from the list, click the Dotted Menu, and opt for the appropriate option.

Types of Discounts

Two types of discounts are available:

  • Automatic
  • Manual

Automatic Discount

The Automatic discounts are automatically applied to the customer’s order during the checkout process. They are applicable in the case of specific conditions, that you can create for the product. This is an easy way for the customers to purchase the items with a discount without entering a coupon code.

You can set automatic discounts by generating the discount percentage or fixed amount for a specific product.

Manual Discount

The Manual discounts are pre-defined coupon codes that the customers use during the checkout process.

You can generate coupon codes for specific products and share them with customers by email or other social channels. The customers enter the code when checking out and purchase the item with a discount.

Creating a Discount

To create a discount coupon:

  1. Click + New Discount.
  2. Select the type of discount.
  3. Provide the requested information in the Details section:
  • Indicate the discount name.
  • Enter the discount general description.
  • Select the customer group who can use the discount.

4. Provide the requested information in the Coupon Info section:

  • Select the coupon type: Percentage or Fixed Amount.
  • Enter the total value of the discount.
  • If the Manual discount type is selected:
    • Click Generate to generate a code automatically.
    • Insert the unique discount code manually. The discount code can be composed of letters or numbers or can be a mix of both.
  • Indicate how many times customers can use the relevant discount.
  • Specify the total number of customers who can use the discount.

5. Provide the requested information in the Active Dates section:

  • Indicate the start and end date/time the discount can be used.
  • Tick Do not combine with other discounts to indicate that the newly created discount is not combined with any other ongoing offers or discounts. This ensures that your customers cannot apply multiple discounts simultaneously.

6. Provide the requested information in the Conditions section:

  • Indicate the discount usage condition: when all the created conditions match or any of the created conditions match.
  • Click + New Condition to create a product-related condition for discount usage.
  • Select product-related conditions from the drop-down lists.

You can view the summary of the provided discount information on the right sidebar of the form.

7. Click Save.

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