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Last updated on Apr 11, 2024

Payment Methods: Manual and Online

Payments are the transactions made by your customers to purchase products or services on your website. Your Ecommerce website can offer manual and online payment methods. \ The manual payment methods include:

  • Cash on Delivery

  • POS on Delivery

  • Money Transfer

You can provide your customers with these alternative manual payment methods if they prefer not to use online payment systems or do not have access to them.

The online payment methods enable real-time processing of transactions in a fast and secure way. Some examples of automated or online payment methods include:

  • Digital Wallets: Customers can link their digital wallets, such as PayPal, PayTabs, Idram, Fast Shift Terminal, etc., to their accounts, select it as their preferred payment method, and complete the transaction with just a few clicks.

  • Online Payment Systems: Stripe, Square, Braintree, and more. Customers can securely enter their credit or debit card information during the checkout process, and the payment is processed instantly using payment providers.

Payment Methods per Countries and Plans

The payment methods available for integration on your website are determined by the country where your business is legally registered. You can only integrate payment methods that are supported in that particular country. For example, if your business is registered in the United Arab Emirates, you may not be eligible to have a Stripe or Braintree account. It is important to emphasize that your customers are not limited to choosing any payment method available in the region. When you change the country in your project details, the list of available payment methods is updated to reflect the options supported in that specific country. This ensures that you are presented with the appropriate payment methods that align with the payment infrastructure and regulations of the chosen country.

When creating a project, the Cash on Delivery, POS on Delivery, and Money Transfer payment methods are enabled by default, regardless of the project plan you have selected. These methods are readily available without any additional setup. The availability to configure and activate other payment methods depends on the selected project plan.

When your customers choose any payment method and provide the payment details, the details are automatically saved for the associated account of the payment provider to be auto-filled in the case of further purchases. This enhances convenience and speeds up the payment process by eliminating the need for customers to reenter their information each time they make a purchase.

Payment Methods per Flows

Two types of payment method flows are available:

  • drop-in UI

  • redirection

When using a payment method with a drop-in UI, the payment method form is directly displayed on the payment page for your customers to fill in. Stripe is an example of such a payment method. If you have integrated Stripe into your website and your customers select to pay with Stripe during the checkout process, they are required to complete the Stripe form with the necessary payment details directly on your website payment page.

In the case of a payment method with redirection, instead of filling in the payment information directly on the website, your customers are redirected to a separate page or popup, which is hosted by the payment service provider, to complete the transaction.

Payment Method Configuration

To set up a payment method on your website, you need to fill in the required form fields displayed for the selected payment method with the relevant information received from the bank. These form fields may differ depending on the specific payment method. The names of the form fields and their values may vary depending on the payment method you are integrating.

During the setup process, you also have the option to choose between test and live environments. In the test environment, you can use the test details provided by the bank or payment method provider to ensure that payment transactions are processed successfully without involving real funds. Once you have verified the payment flow in the test environment, you can switch to the live environment to start accepting payments from real customers.

See the detailed configuration steps under the Configuring Payment Methods section of Dashboard > Settings > Payments.

You can personalize the appearance and payment instructions for each payment method, tailoring the visual presentation and instructions according to your preferences and requirements for each payment option.

  • Appearance Options

With the Appearance Option, you can choose how the payment method is displayed to your customers in the Public Mode. For example, if you have integrated Stripe into your website, you can choose to label it as "Pay with a credit card" or any other preferred name that clearly conveys the payment method to your customers.

  • Payment Instructions

By providing payment instructions, you can offer specific guidance to your customers regarding the payment process for each payment method. This allows you to describe the flow and steps involved in completing a payment, ensuring clarity, and assisting customers in understanding how to proceed. When customers select a particular payment method, they receive clear instructions on how to navigate through the payment flow. This customization allows you to align the payment options and instructions with your branding and optimize the user experience during the checkout process.

  • Adding a Custom Logo

You have the option to include a custom logo in SVG format that is visible in the Public Mode. This allows you to personalize the appearance of your payment interface by adding your logo in a scalable vector format.

You can also check the Ucraft Pay article for a more comprehensive illustration of how to integrate a payment method into your website.

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