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Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

You can set up geographic locations of your warehouses, retail stores, or other places where you store your products. If your online store operates in various regions or countries, you may have multiple locations for inventory storage, each with a varying number of items. In this case, customers receive deliveries from the nearest inventory.

The configuration of locations allows you to efficiently manage your stock inventory and products ensuring a smooth shopping process.

Adding a Location

To add a new location:

  1. Go to Settings > Locations on the Dashboard.
  2. Click + Add Location.
  3. Fill in the pop-up form that opens.
  4. Set the location default, if necessary.
  5. Click Add

Tip: To delete or edit a location, click the Dotted Menu and select the appropriate option.

Reassigning the Products

If you want to delete the location where you have products, you can transfer the products to another location.

To reassign the products:

  1. Click the Dotted Menu of the corresponding location.
  2. Select the Delete option.
  3. Select the new location in the pop-up that opens.
  4. Click Proceed to Delete.

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