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Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

The Activity Log section records all changes made to your website by different roles (see Settings>Team). It allows you to keep track of modifications and provides a chronological list of actions taken, such as content changes, design edits, and settings adjustments. This is especially helpful in tracking updates and improvements made to your website.

The Activity Log section is a timeline of the actions taken, including the date, time, and details of the change. You can view additional information about the specific modification by clicking on an entry. The Details include the action, result, and other user-relevant information.

The Activity Log also serves as a security measure by allowing you to monitor and identify unauthorized or suspicious activities on your website. It also aids in troubleshooting issues that might arise from recent changes.

Here you can:

  • sort activities alphabetically or chronologically;
  • search for the information to narrow down the displayed activities.

This is particularly helpful when looking for specific changes or when you want to see actions taken by a particular role in your website (designer, content editor, etc.).

  • filter the information to refine your search by various criteria, such as country, user, browser, operating system, action, and action date.

This is particularly crucial for tracking, managing, and improving the user experience on your platform.

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