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Last updated on May 10, 2024

Top Panel is a crucial component within the Visual Editor, offering a range of tools and features to enhance your website-building experience. It holds the options to navigate through pages, undo/redo actions, give access to support resources, preview website, autosave and publish, switch between website languages, and screen breakpoints within the Visual Editor.

Navigation Pages

Navigation Pages is an essential part of the Visual Editor that facilitates easy navigation through the different sections and pages of the website. It provides you with a visual representation of the website hierarchy, allowing you to access any page or section with a single click.

Subpages within the main pages are organized with a dropdown menu.


The Undo/Redo buttons, integral to the Visual Editor, allow you to revert unwanted changes to your website. This functionality ensures that any unintended modifications can be effortlessly undone or redone, contributing to a seamless and error-free editing process.

ℹī¸ You can also utilize Ctrl+Z (or Cmd+Z) keyboard shortcuts for undo and Ctrl+Y (or Cmd+Y) for redo.


The Support button offers valuable resources (Ucraft Community, Technical Documentation, Bug Report, and others) for seeking assistance and finding answers to your inquiries to enhance your experience within the Visual Editor.


The Preview mode allows you to preview your website appearance once it is published. This functionality provides assurance that everything is in order before making changes live.

Multi-Breakpoint Preview: In this mode, your website can be viewed across different breakpoints, allowing you to observe its responsiveness on various devices. You can even open the previewed website in a new tab for a comprehensive review.

The Preview mode does not apply to the Ecommerce pages.


The Autosave feature automatically saves the Visual Editor changes, eliminating the need for manual save clicks. Autosave creates a reliable backup system that safeguards against data loss caused by unforeseen technical disruptions such as browser crashes or network failures. Autosave is activated every 10 seconds, ensuring data preservation.


The Publish button holds a pivotal role within the Visual Editor. The button enables you to save the changes, making them live and visible to your visitors.

Language Switcher

The Language Switcher emerges as a valuable tool for seamless content translation. It allows you to effortlessly switch between different languages and translations of your website content. The Language Switcher facilitates content translation and publication in multiple languages.


Breakpoints are specific screen sizes at which a website layout adapts, ensuring optimal display and user experience across diverse devices, and setting the default breakpoint. Within the Visual Editor, you can define breakpoints for various screen sizes, guaranteeing that your website remains responsive and user-friendly across all devices. You can also edit the breakpoint width by clicking the dotted menu on the row and choosing Edit. You can also make one of the breakpoints as the default size while editing your website.

💡If you have questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support 24/7.