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Last updated on Dec 09, 2023

Users section is created to help you manage all users signed up to your PAYGO workspace and track each new registration.

Once a customer creates an Account on your Platform, he appears in the Users list along with his account’s details. Click the 'View' Icon to check detailed user information or the 'Edit' Icon to Edit it. To remove the user from your workspace and database, simply click the 'Trash' icon.

User Details view includes all the basic information about the user’s account such as personal credentials, Email associated with the account, registration date and country, etc.

Hit the 'Edit' icon in the upper right corner to update the information.

Personal details such as First Name, Last Name and Email are filled in by the user at the registration and can be edited both from the Admin Panel and the user's Account, respectively.

  • Active checkbox specifies if the user has ever accessed the Platform (in case he was invited using the Team App).

  • Policy and Terms accepted will be marked done once a user accepts them on the registration step.

  • Verified checkbox is checked once the user verifies his account through the verification email sent to him after the registration.

  • Blocked option allows you to Block the users who violate the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. By blocking the user, you will turn all the websites he is the last owner of to expired.

  • Password change fields allow you to reset your users' passwords. They can achieve this by clicking the Forgot Password button on the Sign In screen.

Once you've made the needed changes, hit 'Update User' to proceed.

Move to Sites tab to track all the websites the user has access to. You can view Detailed Site information by clicking the 'View' button or opt for the 'Edit Attached' button to be able to edit the User’s roles on that website.

Navigate to Subscriptions tab to project information like subscription packages linked to user’s websites, ID number, the amount paid, billing frequency, subscription status, next billing date, etc.