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Last updated on Jun 03, 2024

The Logo widget allows you to display your brand logo on your website. The placement of a logo on a website can vary depending on design preferences and industry standards. The best practices include placing it on the header (top left or central), footer, or overlaying on a hero image.

Logo widgets ensure your logo is visible across your site, making it easy for users to recognize and connect with your brand. This boosts brand awareness and builds trust with your audience.

Adding a Logo Widget

To add a Logo widget:

  1. Go to the Visual Editor by clicking Design on the Dashboard top panel or by navigating from Dashboard > Channels > Design.
  2. Navigate to the Widgets list on the Visual Editor Left Panel.
  3. Type the widget name in the search bar, or expand the Media grouping and select the Logo widget.
  4. Drag and drop the Logo widget from the list onto the desired crafting area of the Layout Canvas.
    Your brand logo uploaded in Settings or during onboarding is added on the Layout Canvas (see Settings > Project Details).

Configuring the Logo Widget

Once you have added the Logo widget, click it to activate the Property Panel, where you can customize its Styles, Content, and Settings according to your preferences.

To modify the Logo widget:

  1. Go to Styles to configure the principal styling features (see Global Styles).

2. Go to Settings.

  • Select the logo version: Mobile or Desktop.
  • Choose the widget mode from the Mode drop-down list. Select whether it's optimized for light or dark backgrounds, or set to adjust automatically based on the website's theme. 
    Note: By default, the Light version is selected.
  • Expand Visibility to modify the visibility of the widget on your website. Select who can view the widget according to the customer’s location, session status, used device type, browser, language preference, etc. (see Visibility Settings).


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