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Last updated on Mar 22, 2024

The Countdown widget allows you to enhance user engagement, drive conversions, and effectively communicate time-sensitive information on your website. It displays a timer that counts down to a specific date and time. Use this widget to create a sense of urgency, excitement, or anticipation for an upcoming event, product launch, sale, promotion, or any other time-sensitive occasion. Emphasize that an event, discount, deadline, etc. is approaching, encouraging your customers to take action before it expires. The widget also fosters engagement and interaction with your website, as the customers may return to check the remaining time or share the event with others.

Adding a Countdown Widget

To add a Countdown widget:

  1. Access the Visual Editor from Channels on the Dashboard Left Panel and navigate to the required page.

  2. Go to the Widgets list on the Visual Editor Left Panel.

  3. Type the widget name in the search bar, or expand the Advanced group to access the Countdown widget.

  4. Drag and drop the widget onto the Layout Canvas.

The Countdown Widget Modes

The Countdown widget has specific modes which you can find under the Mode dropdown on the widget Property Panel. Customize the widget design and functionality separately for each mode.

  • Ticker - the widget in this mode is displayed as a continuously scrolling timer, showing the time remaining until a specific event or deadline.

  • Message - the widget in this mode displays a customized message to your customers once the countdown is over.

Create a unique and tailored experience for your website visitors, ensuring that the Countdown widget is designed accordingly and serves its intended purpose effectively in both modes. \ Note: To make the customized message visible to your customers after the countdown period expires, you must select the "Display Message" option from the widget Settings.

Configuring the Countdown Widget

To design the appearance and behavior of the Countdown widget, activate the Property Panel of the widget by clicking it to access the widget Styles, Content, and Settings.

  1. Go to the widget Styles to configure its general styling features (see Global Styles) to achieve the desired visual and functional outcomes.

    • Customize the widget-specific feature Separators under the General grouping, by choosing one of the available options (Colon, Dash, Slash, and Space) as a separator between the date and time values.

  2. Go to the widget Content to indicate the countdown periods by setting the start and end dates.

  3. Go to the widget Settings:

    • to activate toggles for the time units (Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds) you want to include in the widget;\ Note: The system requires at least one toggle to be activated.

    • to set the widget display (Display Counter and Display Message) after the countdown period ends;

    • to set its visibility (see Visibility Settings) on the website based on criteria such as your customers' location, session status, device type, browser, language preference, etc., to tailor it to specific user segments or conditions.

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